Thursday, October 14, 2010

Coming soon to a selected theatre

Casey and Lissa had the ultimate daddy-daughter date last Friday. They left the house at 4:45 am, drove to Provo, and spent the next twelve hours being extras in a film depiction of the Haun's Mill Massacre.

Lissa had the time of her life.

She had kids to run around with and snacks to eat.

All sorts of people to fuss over her clothes and hair.

Even live, egg-laying chickens to play with. (Note anachronistic elastic hair band on wrist. Hopefully, that doesn't cause any of her scenes to be cut.)

Casey's prodigious beard growing talents were featured. People at church and work had begun to comment.

Even people at the shoot said things like, "I keep wanting to ask you to build me some furniture."

His favorite part was playing a dead guy. (Note gunshot wound to the head.)

They learned some interesting things about the process of making historical re-enactments.
For instance--150 years ago everyone was really dirty. After they put everyone in their costumes, they shook dirt colored chalk all over them to make them look authentic.
Also, if you stick flaming torches into a barrel with dry ice at the bottom, the fire will suffocate instantly.
Also, if they ask you to be the guy who gets tackled by a mob through the fence of a horse corral, be prepared to have your face rubbed into the muck through 6 or 8 takes. Luckily, Casey wasn't that guy.

Lissa's prodigious emoting talents were featured. With the help of red eyeliner and peppermint oil. She may even have a close-up.

So, will we get to see it? And when? If only we knew!
All we know is they plan to add this footage to the Joseph Smith movie currently playing in the Legacy Theater in Salt Lake City.

Even if it never makes it to the screen, it was fun. And they even got paid! (Not much, but it just made it even more awesome from Lissa's point of view.)


Jake said...

What a cool thing! We are loving the beard, Casey, you should try some carpentry work just as an experiment. Based on looks alone you could probably whip up an elegant hutch or endtable with nothing but a few sharp chisels and a wooden sledge. Congrats to Lissa on the paid acting gig, Gracie was so envious. You guys look like pros!

Sarah C. said...

How fun! I love the shot of Lissa with the girls fussing over her hair. I would love to have people fussing over my hair and makeup for me. Maybe even teach me how to do it. We should all go to the Legacy and see it.

Katie said...

we like casey's beard too. and his hole in the head. i heard he played a great dead man by simply "not breathing". that's dedication. we think you are funny when you say "everyone was really dirty 150 years ago". we both chuckled. what a cool experience for them. i hope lissa gets her close-up!! tons of talent scouts are always going to that legacy theatre.

ps - we just booked flights home for christmas. wanna hang out?

kate said...

so cool! wow, casey is going to need a serious weed whacker to get that beard off! so glad they got to do that, love the pictures!!

Jenny said...

So glad this was finally posted. Your family has quite the impressive beard-growing and emoting capabilities.
(Too bad Lissa couldn't use her tantrum-throwing skills. She could rake in the money! Just a joke there Lissa.)

olderockhouse said...

What fun! Casey surprised me at the last family party with that beard...I had to do a double take and then HAD to touch it. Very cool for Lissa too. they both look so authentic! I'm up for a family excursion to see the film!

Ashparagus said...

What a cool experience!! Lisa's hair is so beautiful! I love the close up pic with her hair down. . .gorgeous. I hope their parts make it into the movie! Can't wait to see it!!!

Mom & Dad said...

Just can't get away from the theatah.

victoria said...

We loved the post! So glad you have pictures. Can't wait to go see it again - I WILL take the kleenex at the door this time - and hope to catch glimpses of sad Lissa and dead Casey. Mike wants to know when Casey is going to put "dead guy" on his IMDB page.

Charity Bradford said...

Ok, that is REALLY cool! Now you know how lame I am that I haven't been by in a while.

Sorry! I can't believe how big everyone is getting. And so talented!