Monday, October 11, 2010

10:10 pm, 10/10/'10

Last night we had a party to celebrate the confluence of a whole bunch of ones and zeros.
"Why are we doing this?" asked Anderson.
We tried to point out how rarely the dates line up like this, which makes it cool, right?
"Can we have ice cream?"
"You just had two desserts at Grandma's, so no."
"What are we going to do for the party?" asked Meredith.
"We'll run around making noise for 10 seconds."


"That sounds like the stupidest party ever," declared Meredith.

But at least it was short.


kate said...

hehheheheheh. you nerds think of nerdy things to celebrate. ask casey if he celebrates pi day on march 14th. just kidding, i'm just jealous that we didn't think of celebrating it. i think i was definitely asleep by 10:10 last night. :)

Katie said...

oh good! i'm glad you did something to celebrate. we were going to bed deciding whose turn it was to pray and we were like - oh MAN it was 10 10 10!!! we didn't even do anything cool. I hear computer peeps like ones and zeros. a 10 second party also sounds like a computer guy's kind of party. :-)

Jenny said...

Hey, it sounds fun to me.

victoria said...

At least you did something. We talked about doing something and then at about 10:30 we said, "Dang. It's 10:30. We missed it. Ah well."

The verword is equine. No relation to the post, but it's just fun when it's a real word.