Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Things my kids say

Anderson, who needs glasses soon, has been told that they can be expensive.
"How much?" he asks.
We say, "Around $150."
He shouts, "Cool! I can trade them in for a DS!"

Rosalie, in the process of potty training, chants "I'm going potty trained!" over and over down the hall past the open doors of the Sunday School class, despite repeated shushings from Mom.

Grandma gave us a bag of Valentine's Day candy to share. I was eating them enthusiastically, in preparation for a month long fast from sugar starting the next day (in support of Anderson, who gets $100 from Grampa S. if he can do it.) Meredith (age 5) said, "Mom, don't you think you should save some of those for the other kids? I think you've had enough."
When I tried to remove a jelly bean that was stuck in my molars, she got suspicious and said, "You'd better let me hold the bag, Mom."


Jake said...

LOL. I got a great anderson visual off that first entry. thanks again for hosting our offspring this coming weekend!

Ludovic said...

I love these kids word ! I try to record them on my blog, too - they're too easily forgotten ! There's also a (french) facebook page dedicated for this, i love browsing it.

Jenny said...

I LOVE Songer quotes. I vote you post the whole book of them.

kate said...

hahaha! my kids can hear a candy wrapper opening from 7 rooms away. they know i'm up to no good. i miss your great kids.

Neisy said...

So...I was just stumbling around the blogesphere and....hey wait a minute...I recognize those kids! Yay!!! it's my favorite family! So good to see you all, and I can't believe how big everyone is! I love you guys...glad everyone is doing well.