Friday, June 24, 2016

Cruise Day 6--Cozumel

Today when we got off the ship we had to walk through both levels of an outdoor mall in order to exit the terminal. Then we got a taxi van to take us to a resort Casey had researched where they had a whole bunch of inflatables to climb around on. The taxi driver tried to sell us on some other place but we decided to stick with our plan.

 We thought the kids would have had enough snorkeling so we only brought three of our sets. They used them a lot and had to keep trading off. They saw a few new things today--a tulip shell, tiny crabs on the posts of the dock, and some kind of puffer fish squirting water at the sand to uncover food.

I made Rosalie wear her capris swimming today to cover her burn and I didn't feel like being in the sun today so I stayed in the shade under the trees. And reapplied 3 or 4 times, along with making everyone else do the same. And I got a light burn where my tee-shirt scooped down because I forgot I wasn't wearing my rashguard. This despite the cloud cover, and even rain, that we had about half of the day.

When we got back to the terminal/mall we went into a tourists' dream megastore and Rosalie bought two sailboat replicas, because everything was buy one get one free. Casey got a couple of tee shirts, and Anika got a couple of braided headbands because she admired the one I got in Belize, though they weren't quite the same style. 

As we approached the ship it finally rained for real. It took one minute to get totally soaked. It only rained for two or three minutes but it took the rest of our cruise to dry out all our stuff in our rooms. 

I wish I'd taken a picture of our cruise ship from the land. Those things are so enormous. Ours just loomed over the pier and you could see it from miles away along the flat coastline, especially in Costa Maya. The Norwegian Getaway is three times as large as the Titanic by weight. And 300 feet longer. And it still feels small in the middle of the ocean.

We finally ate at the Shanghai Noodle Bar after waiting for 45 minutes. The food was good but Rosalie wouldn't eat it. Meredith took her up to the Buffet for her daily cheeseburger and fries. Then we went to the comedy club. It was mostly clean but not that funny. The little girls and I left early. 

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J to the oey said...

I have loved reading these. I get so excited thinking of your whole family on a cruise. What an amazing trip and your kids are all at a great age to appreciate it.