Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Anika Fair

It's been such a long time since I blogged. My children are complaining.  There is so much to catch up on that it seems overwhelming to start.
I've decided to do a post on each of my children, summarizing a few things that have happened to each lately.
This is a mommy blog.

Anika turned 16! She dates, she drives, she went to Homecoming.
 She borrowed the dress from a friend and her aunt Rebekah did her hair and makeup.  Low stress,  unlike the rest of her life.
Her backpack contains her entire course load for each day--her locker is in a back hallway and is too far away for her to get to between classes.  Her back hurts. She leaves before the sun comes up and stays after school to practice for pit orchestra for the school musical.  She needs more sunlight in her life.  She is tired.
BUT! She is a straight-arrow, straight-A student,  a good friend (who wishes her friends would stop dating each other, breaking up, and ruining the group dynamic), a great help, and all around awesome person. 
Before the end of the year she hopes to: take the PSAT and kill it, be the best flautist West Side Story has ever heard,  get her braces off (fingers crossed, but not her bite, not anymore).


Katie said...

oh hurray hurray! this blog is not dead. what a beautiful ani with a very cute date. who is her date? good job rebekah on her hair and makeup. i borrowed my homecoming dress from you edith! to go with your brother. he probably didn't even know though. Yeah, borrowing is the way to go. all those dresses out there - people should be wearing them again and again. i love this girl! thanks for the post!

Jenny said...

Yay!! You're back!! So nice to catch up a little.

kate said...

yes!!!! so glad to have you post! it puts the light backin my life, and i am not hyperbolizing. much. ani, you looked so lovely! hope you had a nice and not too annoying time at the dance. i am proud of your hard work in school and i remember never listening to all the people who told me to stop stressing so much about it all. i mellowed out in college a little. :) you will go far.

Charity Bradford said...

Isn't it crazy to think our babies are 16! Good to see you again. ;)

olderockhouse said...

She is a straight arrow and will fly far and true. She looks beautiful and I hope she had a great time!