Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Peer Pressure

Rosalie recently made friends with Isabelle. Isabelle has baby goats at her house. And baby kittens. And a beautiful playhouse in the yard. In four-year-old's terms, Isabelle is cool.

They both wanted to get in the safety swings at the park. I lifted them in and gave starter pushes.

Rosalie has never liked swinging high. In her own words, "Not too high, Mom. I freakout when I get too high."
But Isabelle LOVES to go high. And higher. "Again! Push me higher!"
Never have so many underdoggies been given in so little time to so little a kid. At least, not by me.

Rosalie said, "Okay, Mom. You can push me a little higher."
Isabelle yelled, "This is fun!"
Rosalie, through clenched teeth, "Yeah, fun! But not too high or we'll fall out. Right, Mom?"
When I contradicted that fear, she loosened up a little more. Pretty soon I was doing a full circle--underdoggie to Isabelle, turn and underdoggie to Rosalie.

What we'll do to be "in" with the cool kids.


kate said...

i love that picture! she's just a lettin' go. that's some good peer pressure! love that rosie, can't wait to hang out with her again at christmas time. so happy you blogged.

Sarah C. said...

Rosie is always smiling. I love how the youngest catch on to the cool lingo like "freakout" at such a young age. And I love it when you post!

Katie said...

ahhh peer pressure. It does more than parent's pleading anyday. Luke's "cool" friend Graham eats vegetables. We try to hang out with him as much as possible.

Anonymous said...
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ammey mark said...
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