Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rosalie says

Rosalie slouched up to me, and in her most pathetic voice said, "Mom, my heart is broken!"
I asked, "What happened?"
"Meredith bit it. And kicked it."


kate said...

heeheeheehee!! that will do it every time. wish i could be there to be rosalie's favorite aunt. :) so glad you posted. more please!

Jenny said...

The blog lives!
About the heart, I say put a bandaid on it.

Sarah C. said...

We don't bother with hearts around here. We just bite and kick bodies. She's adorable that one.

olderockhouse said... descriptive...and cute!

Katie said...

i love rosalie. my favorite story to tell is when she said her monkey bum was stuck in her human bum. oh what a love. i hope her heart mends.

victoria said...

oh that WOULD make your heart hurt. Funny Rosalie. Here's her funny song before I forget it: Oh Bob is for turtle, that's good enough for me! Bob is for turtle, that's good enough for me! Oh . . . C is for cookie - I wanna eat a turtle!

Ashparagus said...

I LOVE these cute quotes that you put on your blog of things your kids say. I need to start doing that more. So precious. Rosalie is such a doll inside and out. Can't wait to see her in her tutu! :)