Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Once (quite recently) there were some Easter eggs. They were happy little monsters. Well, actually, some of them were sort of angry.

Then something terrible happened. One by one, they began to disappear.

Some of them vanished for obvious reasons.

But as more and more of them went missing, some of them began to worry.

Others were relentlessly cheerful, even when faced with their own destruction.

The full peril of their situation began to dawn on the few who remained.

They needn't have worried. It didn't help.

Airhead was the only one left.

He attributed his survival to Show-and-Tell. "If my five-year-old owner hadn't begged her mom to make me hollow so she could take me to Pre-school with her, I never would have made it. If only the process hadn't give her mom "balloon-ears-syndrome" more of my fellow monsters would be with us today."

Eventually, Airhead moved past the tragedy and started a family.

And the circle of life goes on.


kate said...

hee hee hee! that is so weird! but so funny! ruby looks totally grossed out by the egg carnage on the counter. wurrita's hands are hilarious. wish i could have met them in person before they died. . .

victoria said...

Oh, Ruby!! Just terrifying. Evolution had done good things for Airhead's child, who seems much less likely to meet his fragile ancestors' fate. Rather, he will stick around all year, being put into the garbage by parents and taken out by children, being found open and underfoot in the middle night by me - and oh how I will curse his little plastic self . . . I love Easter.

Sarah C. said...

My sisters are so funny. What a sad tale of entrophy.

Katie said...

oh man. that is some funny stuff. i agree - what clever sisters. ner a dull post.

olderockhouse said...

Those eggs are adorable! That was fun hunting, glad you guys came over!

Patricia said...

This is a test to see if, for the first time, I can register a comment. Thanks for your help Edith.

shelley d said...

Edith, you crack me up. But hopefully your effect on me will not result in such dramatic carnage as that which was graphically displayed on your post. RIP, eggheads.

ps have you tried using one of those baby snot-suckers to expel the egg guts? Might save yourself from B-E-S and a headache.

Anyway, I loved, loved this post!