Monday, March 15, 2010

To the Rescue

Meredith burst breathlessly through the door to tell me, "Mom! Chloe was doing a cannonball on the trampoline and Rosalie moved into her spot and Chloe accidentally, um..., like..., squished her flat."
 Mirthfully, I mean mercifully, I found her saddened but unflattened.  After a few minutes of lap time she was ready to go outside again.

 The  next time Meredith burst through the door to tell me that Rosalie's boot was stuck in the snow and she was "crying her head off!"
By the time I got to her she was, luckily, still capitated, but wailing.  When I got close she was quick to tell me what was really bothering her. "I peed!"
 I appreciated the warning, as it altered my rescue plan somewhat.

And now she's back outside again.  The day is just too beautiful--49 degrees!--to stay inside.  And rescue workers are standing by.  


Jenny said...

I'm glad Rosalie still has body shape and a head. Sorry that she's a little soggy, though.

kate said...

ha ha ha!!! squished her flat! sad that 49 degrees constitutes a warm day though. loved it!

Sarah C. said...

Edith, only you could have told it so well!

victoria said...

It really was an awesome thing - to send them all out to play on the tramp. Yay!! Sorry about my daughter squishing yours flat.

I am not my word verification, which is: conyard.

Katie said...

saddened but unflattened, still capitated. you are such a funny writer - i love it.