Friday, April 10, 2009

Give us a (spring) break!

March has come and March has gone.
But still the snow is on the lawn.
The birds are here, they sing their song.
But something still is very wrong.

The bikes are out, they lie about.
The kids are in, they sit and pout.
The snowpants have to be got out--again!
Poor Mom! Just hear her shout.

April's here, but still we fear
That her intentions are not clear.
No buds are open on the trees.
No flowers wait to greet the bees.
We're begging! We're down on our knees!
Oh, Springtime! Come to our house, Please!


Katie said...

Sorry to hear your plight. Your poem had such passion though. I liked it a lot.

Jenny said...

Less bugs though, right?

Sarah C. said...

So sorry Edith! We are having the most glorious spring here! My first Spring in 7 years. Heaven. I'll post pictures. And I always love your poems!

kate said...

loved it! but so sad for you. poo.

Mom & Dad said...

But not too fast
Or we'll be in a nast
Y mess!

victoria said...

niiice. And even if the weather were good - you should see my family. It's like a morgue in here. I'm the only one not sick and moaning. It's like a morgue where the corpses moan.

Star said...

I love the poetry, and I feel your pain! Things seem to be looking up though. Poor Victoria, moaning corpse morgue sound terrible! I hope they get better soon!