Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Baking Powder--right

So my mom asked me to send her a few things to Mexico including the rest of her can of special aluminum-free baking powder.

I can just see the Customs officer reading through my declaration slip--
"Spanish/English electronic translator--check
Music CD--check
Floss Threaders--?--uh, check
Christmas letters--check
Baking Powder--Hmm, this can is opened. And filled with loose white powder--Hah! You can't pull one over on ME--into the quarantine you go, with all the rest of these items which were so obviously included merely to throw me off the scent!"

And so I'll save the baking powder for a shipment that they don't need in a hurry. It will be an interesting experiment. I'm planning to send it along with Mom's prescription medication as soon as it comes in the mail. Hmm, I've been waiting on that for a few weeks now. I wonder if it had to clear Customs. . .


kate said...

hee hee. i thought the same thing when i sent a can of bp to mom. but it made it there. i just wrote "food items." and this is mexico we're talking about. i hardly think they're worried about drugs crossing the border in that direction. :)

Sarah C. said...

What's the deal with aluminum free? Is it a bad thing for alzheimer's? And have I been poisoning myself with my bp?

Jenny said...

You'll have to let us know how the experiment turns out.
On our recent trip to Florida, I thought I'd pack some garlic powder and parsley in baggies so I could make garlic bread when we arrived, but Rex thought that wouldn't look very good.