Sunday, December 7, 2008

What about us?

Meredith wants to go out and jump on Grandma and Grandpa's trampoline.
"Rosalie, do you want to go outside with Meri and me?"
She points at the TV and says, in her pure vowels, "Mehsee." She means, "No, Mom, I want to watch Maisie Mouse for the twabillionth time."
"Are you sure? We're going. Want to come?"
She answers by sitting on the couch and turning her eyes to the creepy giant mouse with her creepy special-needs alligator friend.
"Okay, Daddy is in his office and we'll be back in just a few minutes."

When we get back, Casey tells me, "Rosalie was sad when you left. I found her in the mudroom in front of the door holding a baby (doll) under each arm and crying."

Well, I did ask her.

But I feel bad, anyway.

And I wonder, was she comforting the babies? Did that make her feel less tiny when faced with the enormous, indifferent door? Why does that image stick in my head with such tenacity?

Poor babies.


kate said...

laughed my face off.

victoria said...

Poor Rosalie. She must really love you - cuz I know she loves Maisie.

Jenny said...

From reading your post,
I learned a new number today: twabillion. And I discovered that you are housing a special-needs alligator. And it is creepy.
Can I come over and count creepy creatures? Maybe we'll get up to twabillion.