Monday, June 9, 2008

Tagged--Real Life

I asked my sister Kate not to tag me for obvious reasons, as you will see. Then my sister-in-law Katie tagged me instead. I guess this was a bullet with my name on it.

1.Laundry Room--Laundry is the Achilles' heel of my homemaking life. I moved the kids' dressers in there after a few years of having clothing carpeting in their rooms. At least now their rooms are cleaner. (cleaner) That goldenrod washing machine is from the 70's and going strong. We've had it ten years and never repaired it. We have a matching dryer but put it in the basement because my sister wanted us to store hers and swore it was super fast. It dries the same speed as our old one. I think it's all about vent placement. But the yellow one is so heavy we've never swapped them back.

2. Favorite Room--this is a work in progress but it's my favorite room because of the cool built in window seat that I am putting together out of pieces my father-in-law Steve cut out according to a design by Casey. Here is where I am so far.

3. What the kids are doing--I didn't know, so I had to go find them. Actually, Rosalie was down for the night so I got her picture later.

Reading, playing, building, walking to May-May's house, and clinging to mommy's knee, as usual.

4. Favorite shoes--but I want more, more shoes! Lot's more!

5. Toilet-

6. Kitchen sink--in my defense let me say that my sink looked much better than this when I actually got tagged. But our camera batteries were both dead and while they were charging, we had dinner and cleared it into the sink. And I rarely do the dishes on Sunday anyway. (Yada, yada, you don't believe a word of it and neither do I . . .)

7. Fridge--oops, I forgot to take a picture of my fridge. No, really.

8. Self portrait--no fair, my arms aren't long enough to get really far away. (I tried for the backlit look but instead I just look frizzy.)

9. Closet--hah, you can't scare me with this one--I recently deep cleaned my closet. Now I need more clothes. Lots more! (The wedding dress bag contains my niece Katie Pulsipher's dress, which I'm making some small alterations to.) (There are lots of Katies in my family.)

10. Dream Vacation--Really, there are so many places I want to visit, I just can't stand all the stress of getting there. First you pack, arrange babysitting, drive forever or fly (uncomfy!), miss connections, miss your kids. . . But if I could just skip all that, I would like to visit New Zealand.

So, I tag Sarah C., Jen F., Charity B., Shelley D., and uh, that's it. I'm out of people who haven't already been tagged.


Katie said...

I LOVE IT!!! First of all - you are SOO beautiful. You are a classic beauty (to be said in a wistful dreamy voice) And I loved the kids pics - they were all doing things that matched their personalities - Ani: genious, Lissa: social, Anderson: builder, Meredith: lives at Kate's house and Rosalie: loves mommy. I also loved seeing the project you've been working so hard on!! It looks awesome.

kate said...

you are so funny edith. i love the tiny picture of the toilet best. your bookshelf is also looking awesome. so cool that you decided to do it yourself and it's turning out so great. your worth 5,000 bucks. at least! :)

Jennifer said...

AWWWWW... do I have to do this? Can we do this tag again when everything is clean? (that is if everything ever gets clean!) OK, I will... I have to say that I love that the kids' dressers are in the laundry room. That is a great idea! You have to check out Kyle's cousin Chad's blog (my sidebar 'Chad and Natalie Olsen') He is doing an internship in New Zealand! They just posted some cool pictures.

edith said...

I'm commenting on my own blog so I can test drive my profile photo. Cheese!

Clint said...

Here's a little tidbit I discovered today while clicking away on Sarah's latest blog... click on those "tagged" pictures. Like that "small toilet picture." You can tell who has the high resolution cameras. And the high resolution pictures of their toilets on the internet. And how long it has been since those toilets have been cleaned, in all their high resolution, 21" glory.